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The Story of our new Logo

The town of Montagu in South Africa was founded on the farm "Uitvlugt" in 1851, and is known for its hot mineral springs and scenic mountains. It is also an agricultural center, where orchards and vineyards are in production and local herbs are grown. This eclectic town celebrates its farmers, artists, entrepreneurs and their community.

Montagu Trading Company Inc. strives to instill these community values in our business by bringing you the best of local artists, made in Manitoba products and Southern African products that have an African story to tell and that way celebrating our community and traditions.

Our new logo tells the story of the Montagu community:

The windmill produces at its best if it gets a headwind and if the wind changes direction, it turns its head and faces the wind head-on.

The may sails form a unity and work together to bring the life-saving water or energy to support growth.

The windmill stands tall to be a beacon of support to those around them.

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